ShowSeeker ® is a web-based application for building highly-effective TV schedules, allowing users to search and integrate future programming content quickly and accurately.

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ShowSeeker PLUS® -
Powerful & Efficient!

ShowSeeker PLUS allows our clients to quickly research programming and create content-relevant proposals for their advertisers... More...

ShowSeeker GO -
ShowSeeker goes Mobile!

ShowSeeker GO is our mobile application that syncs to your ShowSeeker PLUS account... More...

ShowSeeker SnapShot -
History at a glance!

ShowSeeker SnapShot provides historical grids programming dating back to October 2014... More...

ShowSeeker Dynamic Rate Cards

Our optional dynamic Rate Card module allows our ShowSeeker PLUS clients to view their Rate Card rates in their proposal based on network and time period...More...

ShowSeeker E-z Grids™ -
Find top shows FAST

ShowSeeker's E-z Grids module is accessible from our home page and allows our clients to view any insertable network's programming grid for up to 8 weeks...More...

ShowSeeker E-z Breaks -
Traffic breaks

Our exclusive Patent-Pending Break Structure product provides break information for major cable traffic systems...More...

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About Us

ShowSeeker PLUS is a web-based application that allows our clients to quickly research programming and create content-relevant proposals for their advertisers, thus saving hours looking up programming on network affiliate websites.

With ShowSeeker PLUS, our clients can:

  • Instantly locate fixed programming relating to their customer's business to enhance rotator schedules.
  • Find premium programming (LIVE Sports, Premieres, Finales and NEW shows) and apply a premium rate on those categories.
  • Search, sort, price and export to a number of different Proposal and Traffic-ready formats including Excel, Word, PDF, PowerPoint, .SCX and XML, as well as export direct to Novar or Eclipse.
  • Access our proprietary library of stunning images, graphics, social media links, movie trailers, TV show clips and recommendations, to create excitement and an outstanding presentation.
  • View all insertable networks' 8-week programming grid through our E-z Grids application, and add desired shows to a proposal instantly with one click.
  • View programming that is outside of our confirmed 8-week data, using our proprietary Projected Calendar module, instantly adding any future projected programming to a proposal with one click.
  • Search, edit or present it all on any mobile device with our exclusive ShowSeeker GO Mobile app.

Our customer service is outstanding, and our Programming, Sports, Technical and E-z Breaks teams exceed industry standards in response time.

ShowSeeker PLUS is about creating solutions. We are continually innovating and anticipating how to improve our products by gauging what the market needs AND listening to our customers. We invite you to request more information or a LIVE demo of ShowSeeker by clicking HERE.

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For Current ShowSeeker Customers: For Technical Support (difficulty logging in or other technical issues) or for assistance in using ShowSeeker, refer to the User Guides, Recorded Tutorials or FAQs located under the gold "Help" tab in your ShowSeeker account.

If your answer is not found, send an email to:

For information on ShowSeeker products: If you are interested in finding out more about any of our products,

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If you have specific questions not covered above, call us at:

Use ShowSeeker PLUS to search for relevant shows to advertise your clients' business or services.

Select search criteria to locate relevant shows

Choose shows and any rotator lines to add to the proposal

Add rates and discounts associated to the proposal

Choose from multiple download format options for output

Download and send proposal to client and insertion order to traffic

ShowSeeker is amazing! It has helped me pull information on the sports and programming for our AEs many times. The program is extremely people friendly and easy to use. I can build the schedules using the .scx application for the staff and save them time. Packages are very current and keep updating. Ann from New York

I have a local furniture dealer who places numerous schedules each week with us. Each schedule has specific time restrictions and often has very specific targets. Using ShowSeeker I am able to find patio programming to promote their outdoor furniture collection, select only news networks to promote their high end furniture collection and select live sports to promote their HD televisions. Without ShowSeeker this task would be incredibly time consuming if not impossible! Melissa from Nebraska

The media buyer for a large grocery store likes a good monthly schedule of specific programing blended in with broad rotators. With ShowSeeker, I can cherry pick shows targeted to women 25-49 and develop a schedule that works for them. ShowSeeker makes it so easy to see what programs, sporting events, movies and marathons are in play for the specific times and dates needed. I love my ShowSeeker. I also work with a small furniture store. Recently they put in a Magnolia gallery in their store to sell the furniture from Joanna Gains. With ShowSeeker I've been able to pick the new episodes of "Fixer Upper" for their schedule. Added to that, ShowSeeker gives me great access to all the "Fixer Upper" marathons to schedule the furniture store's commercials as well. My client has had great success with people coming in their store and saying they saw their commercial on HGTV. Al from Tennessee

I cold called a spa and pool company a few months ago. He had some interest in our product but it was hard to get him to commit. During the CNA process we discovered his premier spa was a Michael Phelps Swim Spa by Master Spa. We decided to add a section to his proposal centered around collegiate swim meets, swimming pool and home design shows and other swimming-based events. This was something only cable advertising could offer. We went into ShowSeeker and pulled a report giving us all the related events for the next few months. This idea really caught his attention. We ended up getting a commercial from Master Spas and tagging it with his information. We closed a schedule for $1900 per month. ShowSeeker made this a quick and simple process. Ken from Texas

ShowSeeker is an integral partner in what I do every day as a service to our clients. Without this valuable tool, I would not be able to do my job. And the customer service ShowSeeker provides goes above and beyond to give me a level of service that I can count on every day. Catherine from Minnesota

Time and time again, ShowSeeker has saved my company money by keeping us informed of schedules and changes in schedules for all the high-profile programming our clients love. It has kept our clients happy by making sure their needs and wants are met 100% and that their money is going where they intended it to go. In an ever-changing environment like television, where things can change day to day, it's great to have ShowSeeker on my side to ensure that I am providing the most accurate information to all parties involved and keep profits up. Thank You ShowSeeker team! Carly from New York

Thanks to ShowSeeker I was able to upsell a new client with monthly sports programming. It is so easy to just put in my date and ask for live sporting events and there it is. Then to just export to an .scx file saves me so much time. With this system I am able to sell 4 more auto dealers at least 40 to 50 percent high-profile programming each month. Gayle from North Carolina

ShowSeeker is a huge help to me in so many ways. I love that I can change a few days and times, hit new and I can see all the new programming currently available. When you have spots that preempt or fail and the end of the month draws near, ShowSeeker makes it easy to search for good replacements. I also love that I can search by program genre, particularly with wedding season coming up. Thank you for making my work life easier ShowSeeker! Diane from Nebraska

I have several stories to share....ShowSeeker is very quick in helping me to locate a variety of programs for various clients....

Concert Promoter
Locate specific programs for Las Vegas Shows such as Jeff Dunham, Celine, Mariah, Diana Ross, Jim Gaffigan, etc. Programming may include the talent listed or related programs.
Golf Country Clubs
Locate specific PGA Events and related golf programs.
UFC Events
Locate specific UFC Events - Main Events, prelims, pre/post shows.
Star Trek Convention
Locate specific Star Trek, Star Wars and Syfy related movies.
Football Season
Locate specific College Football Games/Teams, NFL, pre/post shows.

ShowSeeker is very helpful in finding ideas to take to clients to provide solutions. It is also helpful in identifying the live vs delayed programs. ShowSeeker is extremely helpful for my clients, generating revenue and helping me to do my job efficiently!!!! Thank you ShowSeeker. Jana from Nevada

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ShowSeeker PLUS allows our clients to quickly research programming and create content-relevant proposals for their advertisers.

ShowSeeker PLUS makes our clients' jobs easier and more efficient. Targeted searches for relevant programming are quickly completed to create powerful and effective proposals. View Rate Card rates, add shows from E-z Grids or the Projected Calendar and much more! Find the perfect ad placement for your customers with ShowSeeker PLUS.

Select search criteria to locate relevant shows.

Search for Marathons (4 or more shows in a row) or add Rotators to your Proposal.

View the description, images, clips and social media links from the information panel.

Add rates based on time period or status such as Premiere, Finale, New or Live programming.

Choose from multiple download format options for output.

Download and send proposal to client and insertion order to traffic.

ShowSeeker GO is our mobile application that syncs to your ShowSeeker PLUS account.

GO works on your Android, iPhone and iPad devices and displays full-color photos, graphics, descriptions, social links, recommendations and movie trailers. Present a proposal to your client, edit "on the fly" or create a brand new schedule right in front of them! It's everything you get in ShowSeeker PLUS in the palm of your hand and more!

GO starts on the Dashboard and includes recent Proposals from PLUS, Sports Packages, Quick Searches and Saved Searches.

Use Title or Keyword Search to find favorite shows. Find new airings or launch a trailer while you're with your client. Add shows to a schedule with one tap.

Download to several different formats (PDF if on a phone) and email directly to your client for instant approval.

ShowSeeker SnapShot - History at a glance!

It's great for researching an entire series of new airings from Season Premiere to Season Finale, previous Shark Week seasons or past College Football games. SnapShot helps our clients plan their clients' schedules by researching the scheduled airings from the time period in which they previously ran, and quickly create a presentation that can be shared with their clients.

Research previously scheduled airings of New, Premiere or Finale episodes of favorite shows.

Find previous seasons of Shark Week (or any special programming that has aired in the past).

Get a head start on securing holiday budgets by viewing past programming stunts such as 25 Days of Christmas or 13 Nights of Halloween.

Find past sports schedules for all major nationally-televised sporting events, including NASCAR, PGA, College sports and more!

Rate Cards - Rates you can view instantly

The rates in ShowSeeker PLUS will also display automatic "bumps" for narrowed dayparts as well as premium rates for programming such as Premieres, Finales, New or LIVE programming. The user can apply Rate Card rates or override with manually entered rates.

Our exclusive Rate Card Admin allows you to set your own time periods and rates by Quarter and set "rules" for how you want narrowed dayparts to be handled.

Customizable so the system can detect and automatically apply premium rates on shows such as Premieres, Finales, New or LIVE Sports or Events.

E-z Grids™ - Find top shows FAST

E-z Grids is updated several times daily. Choose up to 24 hours to view an entire week's schedule. Add spots to an existing ShowSeeker PLUS proposal from a checkbox in the Grid. Quickly find all-day marathons to create a high-frequency schedule for your clients.

Finding sporting events and premium programming is easy with our color-coded system. Purple type with a yellow background = Live sporting event.

Premieres & Finales are red and brand new shows are green. If there are "grayed out" blocks, those shows have been added to a Proposal.

E-z Breaks - Keep up with network changes

E-z Breaks' "total transparency" allows traffic teams to make quick decisions on which break changes they want to take without having to ingest large files. Client may receive automated daily schedule updates. On-demand downloads (bulk or individual networks) are available 24/7.

Receive daily emails (or your requested frequency) and view Network changes for Custom Breaks (red), Window Changes (blue) and/or Title Changes (yellow).

Access to the E-z Breaks Admin allows you to view # of breaks for each Network instance, # of avails, show length and break length. You may also customize your preferences here.